сlimate change is and will be one of the world’s greatest challenges we face.

It will affect every single one of us and will determine the survival of not only humans but all living creatures on this planet.
It will impact all industries both private and public and will ultimately shape the next 10 years and beyond.
Climate change is not a problem that we can leave for future generations. It is an immediate concern and we at SpaceSeven are taking this very seriously.
SpaceSeven has committed to change and pledges to be a net-zero emissions organization.
We do this by calculating our emissions and then actively seek out measures to remove the same amount or more C02, by deploying various activities from planting trees, recycling and other innovative projects that will remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.
Taking it a step further, we have partnered with carbon footprint tracking organizations to ensure we offset our impact as much as possible.
It is also the very reason we are building on top of the Concordium blockchain which uses Proof-of-stake consensus. Unlike a Proof of Work-based consensus system like Ethereum or Bitcoin, a Proof of Stake network does not depend on the cost of the electricity it burns. Instead, it depends on direct economic incentives through a block reward.
SUFU certificate

Certificate of 2021 GHG Quantification for Tacans AG and SpaceSeven AG

We are a net-zero blockchain organization

We are proud to be playing an active role in helping improve the way we conduct business whereby ensuring our ecosystem, that we so greatly depend on, flourishes for generations to come!



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