This unique exhibition by artist James Wilkinson has been a long time coming. Wilkinson's work,appearing at first glance as classical portraiture, is embedded with artefacts from the lives of his subjects.In Lennon's case, the collection evolves around the microphone leads used to record ‘Imagine’ in 1971. Now, the wires bring Lennon's vision full circle, becoming pieces of art themselves and continuing to share the message of peace, resonating with the message that flowed through them. Exhibiting in full at Strawberry Field in Liverpool from April 30th-Oct 30th and only available as NFTs on
Lennon Imagine Wireblockchain-coinnot for sale
Lennon News Wiredblockchain-coinnot for sale
Lennon Wired All We Are Saying...blockchain-coinnot for sale
Lennon Obsceneblockchain-coinnot for sale
Lennon Wired All You Needblockchain-coinnot for sale
Lennon Tired & Wiredblockchain-coinnot for sale
Lennon Wired Blueblockchain-coinnot for sale
Lennon Wired Honeymoonblockchain-coinnot for sale
Lennon Wired No Possessionsblockchain-coinnot for sale
Lennon Wired Wired & Signedblockchain-coinnot for sale
Lennon Wired Imagine Peaceblockchain-coinnot for sale
Lennon Wired Peace & Loveblockchain-coinnot for sale