#01 Crypto Gammon Game Owner NFT 1%

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The #01 Game Owner GOLD BOARD 1% NFT is the first out of 40 NFT sets we mint, after which no more will be produced.

This NFT is a Game Owner NFT and works like a share in the stock market. You get a revenue share of all profit made on Crypto Gammon for a lifetime, as long you keep the NFT.

If you sell the GOLD board, the rights to the revenue share go to the new owner.

The payout will be done in CCD every six months, the first time is January 2023.

You can sell your Game Owner GOLD NFT at any time!

When you have bought the board, we will transfer the Checkers, Dice, Shaker, and Double-dice to your wallet address afterward.

You can play with all the items in the Crypto Gammon game, which you set up in your profile as the default game setup.

For use in-game, it will work like this. When you download our game, you shall make some default settings for your game setup. You can choose board, checkers, sharker, dice, and double-dice from your NFT collection when connected to the wallet. When you play against an opponent, you roll dice for who shall start (white checkers); if you have the highest number, it will be YOUR board and checkers you both play with, and the dice, sharker, avatar, and emojis are used from your default settings from both of you.

As Game Owner, you will earn money every time the dice roll in our game when playing with CCD :)

Crypto Gammon will be available for download on Google Play and App Store in November 2022

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