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Artpusher Collection
Artpusher has partnered with Crypto Games to design board sets for our games. The MacGammon set is the FIRST NFT set from Artpusher is a limited edition with only 33 sets and will never be made again! With Artpusher artwork as NFT on our backgammon sets in-game, makes you one of the few who can use and show Artpushers work to other players worldwide.
Armed cat
This exclusive collection was created by the artist Alexander Panfilov and with the help of artificial intelligence... in November 2022
Not Bad
Red Banana
All the bananas are red.
Not Bad
Alphabet Fields
Alphabet Fields are randomly generated artworks in 1970's style. Every year only a single set of Alphabet Fields are issued, one for each letter in the alphabet. Best to keep one around with your 'lucky letter'. Just in case. Inspired by 'Letter Field' by Judson Rosebush (1978).
Miscellaneous Paintings
A collection of my paintings
Odd folk art
Personal paintings
Thomas Rousing
Perfectly Abstract
A collection of Perfectly Abstract NFTs
One Moment Please
Original: Digital Art. Year: 2014 Process: iPad photo - Photoshop Image Editing. One Moment Please is a collection of 30 second lasting art. Color kitchen sink dirty walls has collected dirt, stains, ink for 30 + years. Ink cartridges washing process create a splash of diy all over and process was captured with iPad.
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Our Emojis collection
A collection of pets
A collection of forests