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With this NFT you get following benefits: Attendance at the exclusive Gala in Dubai in Q4 2024. A reserved seat at a table with a sporting legend. Inclusive dinner during the gala. Access to the after-show party. Possession of this NFT confirms acceptance of these terms and conditions. The exact date of the gala will be published in Q2 2024.
Owners of the PELE MAIN NFT have a claim to 0.0005% of all NFT revenues from the "PELE ART 40 NFTs"Revenues can arise from:/Sale of PELE ART NFTs /Revenues in the PELE ART galleries/Revenues from PELE Art merchandise products /Revenues from exclusive PELE ART events In addition, each NFT owner will receive a monthly ticket for the PELE MAIN NFT LOTTERY, which awards the following prizes: /10,000 NFC cards of the Pele Art (250 per image)/10,000 Pele Art Merchandising items (250 per Collection) /5,000 THE SPORTS MUSEUM MAIN 20 NFT/10 TICKETS for „The Sports Museum GALA“ (hosted Q4 2024) The lottery will start when at least 10% of the NFTs from the series have been sold or no later than 23rd October 2023. The number of prizes distributed in the lottery corresponds to the number of sold NFTs. Notification of winning: After the prizes have been distributed, each winner will be contacted directly to provide their delivery address. The winner must bear the shipping costs for the prize. The payment of 0.0005% of all „PELE ART 40 NFTs" revenues will always occur quarterly on 31st March, 30th June, 30th September, and 31st December for revenues received until the 23rd of the same month. The payment will be made to the wallet where the NFT is located. Regardless of the number of sold NFTs, the profit sharing from the sale of PELE ART NFTs will begin 1 month after the launch of the „PELE ART 40 NFTs„ Collection. The NFT can be traded at any time, but the claim to the profit remains with the NFT owner.For further information, please refer to the explanations about the collections at The Sports Museum.
DOCUMENTARIES Legends never go!
Als Besitzer dieses NFTs haben Sie Anspruch auf folgende As the owner of this NFT, you are entitled to the following benefits: Dieser NFT stellt einen Anteil an den Gewinnen der Dokumentation "Vienna 4 Legends" dar. This NFT represents a share in the profits of the documentary "Vienna 4 Legends". Inhaber des NFTs haben Anspruch auf 0.0005 % aller NFT-Einnahmen durch die Dokumentation "Vienna 4 Legends". Holders of the NFT are entitled to 0.0005 % of all NFT income through the documentation "Vienna 4 Legends". 1 Monatsticket für das "Vienna 4 Legends"-Gewinnspiel der NFT-Serie (Um an dieser spannenden Aktion teilzunehmen, benötigen Sie einen der NFTs) Unsere Gewinnspielpreise können sich sehen lassen und beinhalten: 1 monthly Ticket for the "Vienna 4 Legends" NFT Series competition (To take part in this exciting promotion, you need one of the NFTs.) Our competition prizes are impressive and include: Diese NFTs dienen als Eintrittskarte für unsere monatliche Verlosung und ermöglichen Ihnen die Teilnahme an allen Verlosungen, bei denen Preise vergeben werden. These NFTs serve as your ticket to our monthly prize draw and allow you to enter all draws where prizes are awarded.
Crypto Gift
The collection is executed in the style of pop art on the theme "crypto gift" All works are uploaded in high resolution, original and have no analogue.Enjoy the colors...
< n u m i s m a t i s t >
3D models of Crypto Coins
Anime time loop
cyclical gifs of anime of the 80s
Eternal memory....
F o u n d e r
NFT collection with Lars Sier. These are the first NFTs with Lars, which were created simultaneously with the launch of the S7 marketplace.
Not Bad
Alphabet Fields
Alphabet Fields are randomly generated artworks in 1970's style.Every year only a single set of Alphabet Fields are issued, one for each letter in the alphabet. Best to keep one around with your 'lucky letter'. Just in case.Inspired by 'Letter Field' by Judson Rosebush (1978).
The "Traditional Club and Academy NFT" represents the NFT holder's right to participate in the revenues of a traditional European football club and a football academy based in Central Africa with a share of 0.00005% in all income, including tickets, merchandise sales, advertising revenue, player transfer proceeds, as well as entry fees for international championships, cup matches, and league premiums for television rights. The payment of 0.0005% of all "Traditional Club and Academy NFT" revenues will occur quarterly on March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st for revenues received up until the 23rd of the same month. The payment will be made to the wallet where the NFT is located. Regardless of the number of "Traditional Club and Academy NFTs" sold, profit sharing from the sale of "Traditional Club and Academy NFTs" will commence on September 30th, 2024. The 100.000 NFT (ETH &amp; CCD) can be traded at any time, but the right to the profits remains with the NFT owner.
C o n c o r d . G i f
Gif animation of the Concordium