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By purchasing one, the Social-Media Business - NFT holder receives the right and access to the following.

Access to The Sports Museum Social-Media AI for 6 months: The NFT holder receives time-limited access to an Artificial Intelligence (AI) specifically designed for sports social-media marketing. This AI automates recommendations, analysis and strategies for a more effective social media presence.

Member Area Access: The NFT owner, gains access to an exclusive area that contains special resources, content and information that is only visible to registered members. This area includes online courses, articles, videos and other relevant content.

Social media tips, tricks and training: NFT owners get the opportunity to receive tips, tricks and training from experts in the field of social media marketing. This can be provided in the form of webinars, video tutorials or written guides.

Community access: NFT owners become part of a community where they can interact with like-minded people, ask questions, share experiences and possibly find collaboration opportunities.

Exclusive Calls and Workshops with Special Guests: NFT owners have the opportunity to participate in special calls, webinars or workshops where experts and "special guests" from the sports and social media industry share insights, advice and knowledge.

The above entitlements can be redeemed from 14 August 2023. From that date, registered members will have access to the various services and benefits set out in the contract.

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