The Adventure of Life (2D)

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"The Adventure of Life (2D)" The Adventure of Life is a Single Player Experience. The Goal of The Game is not disclosed. Rules and Instructions: The Player does not see the map and does not have any information on the purpose of The Game. The Game only starts if the *Terms and Conditions of Use are accepted. The Player can freely choose his way through the maze. There are no limitations on how many times can you step on the same square. Every time you choose to make a move it consumes 7 days of your available time, 1 week. The rule applies to all circumstances, even if the path you have chosen is closed. There is a countdown that keeps track of the time spent in The Game. If you do not make a choice in a weeks time since your last choice, your choosing right for that period vanishes. The maze has 598 squares and each square has 4 possible choices of which minimum 1 choice leads to another square. Once The Game is started, it will end in exactly 29212 days, regardless of your choices. The first step you take into this world is inevitable and decided by default. There are 29212 days available, 4173 weeks + 1 day. That translates to 4173 available choices + 1 day that is not playable time. That day is the final day of The Game Experience, that is the day when the map will show up for The Player and all moves are revealed in a chronological way. This day is a view-only day. At this point The Player has no moves/weeks left. This is a moment of observation for The Player. At the end of that day all Game Memory is reset and so is The Player Experience. The Game does not record anything, it's just a challenge created for a unknown purpose. The Game can not be paused. The act of choosing to terminate The Experience before the given time, is a breach of the *Terms and Conditions of Use. Consequences are agreed upon but the output is not disclosed at this time. Proceed at own risk. Welcome to "The Adventure of Life (2D)"
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