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Revenue Participation: The 'Vienna 4 Legends' tokens represent revenue participation rights of TSM. All rights in connection with the revenue participation right are linked to the possession of the token.


Holders of 'Vienna 4 Legends' tokens participate in the revenue of TSM derived from the 'Vienna 4 Legends' documentary as stated on TSM's latest profit and loss statement. Tokenholders as a whole participate in 50 % of such revenue. Each individual token participates in 0.0005 % of the revenue.


TSM calculates the revenue on a quarterly basis according to the revenue (Umsatzerlöse) stated on TSM's latest profit and loss statement under the sub-entry entitled 'Vienna 4 Legends' or similar.


Distributions: Revenue is distributed on a quarterly basis in Ether (ETH) or Concordium (CCD) to the respective addresses where the tokens are located as at 23:59:59 CET on the last calendar day of each calendar quarter. TSM has to distribute the revenue within 15 days from the end of each calendar quarter.


Additional Perks: Tokenholders are additionally entitled to the following perks based on the number of tokens held:


· One original OEFB jersey, originally signed (14 tokens)

· One limited edition 'Vienna 4 Legends' t-shirt, originally signed (8 tokens)

· Two VIP tickets for an OEFB home game (44 tokens)

· One NFC ticket signed by the 'Vienna 4 Legends' (4 tokens)


The perks will only be distributed when at least 10 % of the tokens have been sold, or by 23 October 2024 at the latest. Tokenholders will be contacted directly to obtain the delivery address. If the winner is located within Europe, TSM will cover the shipping costs. If the Tokenholder resides outside of Europe, they will be responsible for the cost of shipping the perk. These costs may vary depending on the shipping company and destination.


Terms and conditions apply. Further information can be found at


Note: The offer of these NFTs (as well as all other NFTs on this marketplace that qualify as revenue participation rights) is subject to a hard cap of EUR 1,999,500. As soon as this limit is reached, TSM will end the public offer of these NFTs unless a capital markets prospectus has been approved by a competent regulator.

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