Vienna 4 Legends Documentary

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Holders of the NFT are entitled to 0.0005% of all NFT revenue from the "Vienna 4 Legends" documentary.

Plus 1 monthly ticket for the "Vienna 4 Legends" raffle of the NFT series, this raffle contains:

44 NFC Cards Gold plus 0.1% of the revenue generated by the "Vienna 4 Legends" documentary.

444 original OEFB jerseys, originally signed (1,111 each).

444 Limited Edition "Vienna 4 Legends" T-shirts, originally signed.

444 VIP tickets for an OEFB home game.

4,444 regular tickets for an OEFB home game.

4,444 NFC tickets signed by the "Vienna 4 Legends" (1,111 each).

The start of the recording of the documentary will only begin when at least 50% of the NFTs of the series have been sold or at the latest on 4.4.2024. Regardless of the number of NFTs sold, the distribution of prizes from the stream will in any case begin on 30.6.2024. The monthly distribution of prizes will begin at the same time (50% or 4.4.24) and end with the public start of the stream of the documentary. The number of prizes distributed is equal to the number of NFTs sold.

Payment of 0.0005% of all Vienna 4 Legends revenue is always made quarterly on 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December for revenue received by the 23rd of the same month. Payment is made to the wallet where the NFT is located.

Notification of prize: After the prizes have been distributed, each winner will be contacted directly to provide the shipping address. The winner will be responsible for the cost of shipping the prize.

As TSM, we strive to deliver the promised prizes and experiences. However, unforeseen circumstances beyond our control may occasionally arise.

The NFT may be traded at any time, but the right to the prize remains with the holder of the NFT.

For more information, please refer to the explanations of the collections.

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